Besides Press is a newly-founded publishing company which celebrates a particular approach to photography. We publish projects created with an impulsive curiosity, without deliberation and often without an audience in mind. This includes spontaneous side projects, playful collaborations, and offbeat experiments.

Scouring old hard-drives, exploring archives and searching beneath beds; we seek out these projects, and then through careful editing, sequencing, and a playful approach to design and production, we shape them into books. Working closely with artists, Besides Press produces bespoke outputs suited to each project.

Our first three books distill this ethos. Michael Alberry’s ‘Every Cross on Cross Mountain’ was shot impromptu in a single day, Chris Hoare’s ‘Keywork’ was made from a bicycle with a point and shoot camera while working as a cycle courier, and Billy Barraclough’s ‘Murmurations’ is the result of a daily ritual to reconnect with nature amid lockdown.

Besides Press will launch alongside an exhibition at Liberty House on 1st October, followed by a launch at Photobook Cafe in London, and then an exhibition at Fairhurst Gallery in Norwich.

We accept submissions via e-mail.

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